Performing Assyrian-ness

Performing Assyrian-ness is a lecture-recital film by Lolita Emmanuel that intertwines storytelling, music research and classical music performance to explore the small but growing genre of Assyrian Art music.

As part of the project, Lolita commissioned me to make videos that could be projected as accompaniment for the performances. You can see excerpts from the videos intercut with performance footage in the lecture-recital film.


At the Palace of Ashurbanipal, Ilya Demutsky (2016)
Assyrian Women Mourners, Gurdjieff-de Hartmann (1925)
Theme and Variation in Four Movements, Movement 2 -“Goodi”, Rasson Bet-Yonan (1985-86)

The video for Theme and Variations in Four Movements, Movemebt 2 – ‘Goodi’ features artist Esther Elia‘s project The Assyrian Prayerbowl Archive, which you can learn more about here.

Be a part of the conversation about Assyrian Art music and its future. Viewers are encouraged to engage and reflect on the topic of Assyrian Art music in the comments. You can contact Lolita about her music and research at or via her website, at

Piano and Lecture: Lolita Emmanuel
Director: Carlos Hydo Featured
Artist: Dicky Bahto
Camera Operator: Carlos Hydo
Production Company: Umbrella Films
Producer: Lolita Emmanuel
Sound: MoonVault
Designer: Nusardel Oshana