New Works Salon XXXV

Saturday, August 27, 2016
Echo Park Film Center
New Works Salon XXXV

This program is supported in part by a grant from the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts

Mikael Levin
At Work; Me, My Brother, Our Father (2016)
23 minutes, digital, color, sound
For this short video Mikael Levin filmed himself printing in his darkroom, filmed his brother painting in his studio, and reedited old footage of his father writing in his beachside cottage. We see each engaged in his work; method and workspace giving form to the interiority of the creative process.

Mikael Levin. Brooklyn, N.Y. 2016.
Eli Levin. Apodaca, N.M. 2013,
Meyer Levin. Beit Yanai, Israel, 1970.

Additional information:

Deirdre O’Dwyer
Tom Tierney (2016)
8 minutes, digital video, b&w, sound
Tom Tierney (1928–2014) was a remarkable paper-doll artist who published hundreds of titles in his lifetime. This film is a remembrance of his hands, set to his own voice. Deirdre O’Dwyer drew this film from footage of a conversation between Tom Tierney and Sarah Jacoby, another fan he welcomed into his home and studio in Smithville, Texas, in January 2014.

Deirdre O’Dwyer is an artist living in Los Angeles, and a co-founder of Rakish Light Press.

Brief Intermission

Pedro Alejandro Verdin
prologue to the ending (2016)
7 minutes, digital video, color, sound
A video documenting two conversations occurring simultaneously in Northern California.

Pedro Alejandro Verdin is an artist living in San Francisco. He has shown and performed in the Bay Area and Los Angeles, and has written pieces for kubaparis in Berlin. Pedro also curates nonspecific, an ongoing project that creates collaborations amongst emerging artists.

Marco Kane Braunschweiler
1. Monkey (2016)
1:18, digital video, color, sound
“Portrait of the artist as a young Monkey. A monkey who works on his laptop, goes to hot springs with his friends and is reportedly down for ANYTHING as evidenced by the open and ambiguous yet clear, and delicate statement “yeah, let’s try it, we’ll see”. If the monkey believed in reality he’d say that this, Monkey, was an introduction to the real monkey.”

2. Monkey (2016)
1:43, digital video, color, sound
The opening to the narrative version of Monkey. Currently, and utterly, in a state of flux.

3. Monkey Flashes Back V2 (2016)
0:53, digital video, color, sound
You’re walking through the forest, and suddenly, you’re scared for those you love.

4. Scylla and Charybdis (2016)
1:38, digital video, color, sound
We’re on a boat, to our left is a bad choice, to our right is a worse choice, full-speed ahead!

Walter Vargas
1. Hot window Indianapolis Intro
034:, ,digital video, color sound Indianapolis, IN, U.S.A

2. Portrait of a young Queer man in Indianapolis
1:34, digital video, color, sound

3. Hotline Bling area code (317 [Indianapolis])
10:00, digital video, color, sound

4. Party Anthem for Indianapolis
2:37, digital video, color, sound
Written by people hired by the music star known as Drake

“@wa_va_ is a non-tumblr existing artist. He has showed films and videos here and there, occasionally. His bones are starting to ache when he gets out of bed. Plz follow him on Twitter.”