New Works Salon XXXIX

Saturday, May 13, 2017 / Echo Park Film Center
New Works Salon XXXIX
This program is supported in part by a grant from the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.

Cosmo Segurson
Please,  no small talk – a week in Seoul, Korea
(2017) 4 minutes, video, sound.
While in Korea on a business trip, I wandered from train station to train station making small discoveries along the way. Like many Americans, the Koreans love to laugh, shop, and dance – sometimes all at once, and often on the city streets.

Reza Monahan
B  IL  I     O  R F
(2017) 4.5 minutes, video, sound.
Fall back to the sky for bold slave souls. Be stung by a sea laced with gold pirate teeth. Lean into the ground for Simon Bolivar’s old Creole frown. Fully occupied by a hopefully emptier tomorrow with an overgrowing yesterday as my tenant. Curaçao streams arc darkly in the sun as these breeze-kissed cultural whispers crackle along a disappearing trace.

Miko Revereza
Disintegration 93-96
(2017) 5.5 minutes, video, sound.
An essay film about the the Filipino American undocumented experience, comparing timelines between himself and his father. These observations on his family’s home movies shot between 1993 and 1996 reflect a post-colonial obsession with facade to mask an initialized poverty. Through time, the American dream lived through the promise of assimilation disintegrates leaving a spectacle of consumerism and vacation.

Jorge Ravelo
Scrambled Eggs
(2017) 20.5 minutes, video, sound.
Warning: strobing /flashing
Skip smiles // Skip jumps // Skip eats cereal // Skip looks at the sky and the news all at once.

Jorge Ravelo
Skip Jumbo
(2017) 1.5 minutes, 16mm, sound.
Oswald’s gotta feed his grandma!

Ross Meckfessel
A Century Plant in Bloom
(2017) 10 minutes, 16mm, color, sound.
“I remember one day sitting at the pool and suddenly the tears were streaming down my cheeks. Why was I so unhappy? I had success. I had security. But it wasn’t enough. I was exploding inside.” – Ingrid Bergman. A cry for help in the form of a pop song. A village cast as a simulacrum of the past by Oliver Stone and Ridley Scott, Pasolini and Scorsese. As the future starts devouring the present, how can we hope to remember the past? Pics or it never existed.

Kate Brown
Atlanta Central Library
(2017) 15 minutes, 16mm, b/w, silent.
Atlanta Central Library looks at Marcel Breuer’s last building, designed in 1969, built in 1980, a year before his death. At the time of filming, the library was under threat of demolition or sale. The project aims to put film and building face to face.

Ursula Brookbank
12 minutes, 16mm, b/w, live vinyl LP sound track Voices Of The Loon from the National Audubon Society, record player, cake.
Washington was filmed at the U of W Friday Harbor Laboratories on San Juan Island, Washington in the early spring of 2016 during my first residency there in over forty years. Various methods; drawing, rubbing, overhead projection and 16mm film processed with Douglas fir were used to record specimens I collected from the island. Documenting the Julia Frits Jensen plant collection of local dried and pressed plants collected in 1908 was an integral part of the residency. Thank you to Kate Brown for inviting me to participate in her State Film Project.