New Works Salon XXXI

Saturday, February 20, 2016                      
Echo Park Film Center
New Works Salon XXXI

Karissa Hahn
Effigy in Emulsion
3 minutes, 16mm to digital, color, silent
8mm found footage is taped to 16mm clear leader and re-filmed on the Optical Printer. An artifact from a monumental occasion is examined. A photographer stole a frame of my stolen film! What could be uncovered in this washed out frame? A study in exposure change to un-develop a memory.

Karissa Hahn
Chipping Off, too
1.5 minutes, SD video
“My nail polish is chipping off – and I’m scared that my nails – and then fingers, will start chipping off too….

Karissa Hahn
1_ _ _ _1
3 minutes, Super 8 to digital, b&w, sound
OH! uh, canted angle….
a ‘collaboration’ or rather, a collusion of sorts…as for my volition….I fall, you falter.
thinking about :
“A Young Girl Defending Herself against Eros” by William Adolphe Bouguereau 1880
thinking about ….suspense/
taking us down with me….

Reza Monahan
Gravely Mistaken Identities
9 minutes, video
Gravely Mistaken Identities is a modified piece taken from a multi-media installation installed last August at Monte Vista Projects. Unfolding as a conversation between operatives of time and place, this film utilizes a charged “discussion” to pull movement from degrees of stillness while ushering stillness back into forms of hyper-active movement.

Olivia Ciummo
On the Evening
7 minutes, 16mm & video
Somewhere between the sky and ground is an anxious state of affairs—a tropical nighttime landscape, re-photographed historical sites, political boundaries and the elasticity of a dream state.

Olivia Ciummo
Invert and All That is Solid
3.5 minutes, video
Based on a poem and in collaboration with the author, Ian Dreiblatt, the images and sounds try to wrangle with linguistics. A retelling of words through textures, movements and sounds.

Ursula Brookbank will perform Marguritte: A Demonstration for overheard projector, 16mm film, and cake. Sound by Julianna Snapper with Julia Lisztwan.

John Cannizzaro
16 minutes, 16mm, sound.
A light-hearted primer on image making. Using three 16mm film projectors and a separate sound source, this film “happening” explores the multi-layered process of capturing images. This film was commissioned by EPFC on our 12th anniversary!