New Works Salon XXVI (EPFC’s 13th Birthday Marathon)

Saturday, December 6, 2014
EPFC’s Thirteenth Birthday Party!

The Here and Now (music with video)
Los Gatitos (music)
Brannigan’s Law (music)
Harvey Sid Fisher (music)
Beaux Mingus (music)
Tom Duffy & Michael Jefferson (poetry)
Steve Abee (prose)
Maya Abee (music)

Rosario Sotelo
Recamera (2007)
Flor Serpiente (2014) music by Casey Anderson.
Untitled (2014) Commissioned by EPFC!

Kate Brown
Vilas Kortas Hollywood Park (2014)

Tomonari Nishikawa
Manhattan One Two Three Four (2014)
Commissioned by EPFC!

Dana Berman Duff
Test for 16mm film (2014)

Jordan Biren, with Ursula Brookbank and Heather Lockie
SLVR.HNDS (2010–2014)

Abby Banks
Berm and Jup: Skate witches (2014)

Jennifer Saparzadeh
Desespero Magnânimo (2012)

Magnetics (2014)

Gina Napolitan & Beaux Mingus
Disappearing West (Excerpts)

Marco Vera
Santo Niño (excerpt)
Calexico & Mexicali
We Buy Gold
(2014) Commissioned by EPFC!

Penelope Uribe-Abee
Uncle Rene (2014)

Alex MacKenzie
Effulgence (2014)
Commissioned by EPFC!

Mike Stoltz
New work (2014)

Eve LaFountain
Mystery (2014)

Kate Lain
Mountain Trip (2014)

John Cannizzaro
The Temptation of Saint Anthony (2012)
Let Me Try To Explain (2010)
50 Feet That Shook The World (2003)

Florian Cramer
Sunset Boulevard: A Neoist Research project (2014)
Commissioned by EPFC!

Geoffrey Sexton
My Lips Against Yours (2014)
music by Ensemble Economique.

Gina Napolitan
Numberland (Excerpt)

John Wiese
Clici-Clic (2014)

Cosmo Segurson
Arietta (2014)

Gina Marie Napolitan & Beaux Gest Mingus present films from the Echo Park Film Center library, recent students, and open screen refugees.