New Works Salon XXIX

New Works Salon XXIX
Saturday, September 19, 2015
Echo Park Film Center, Los Angeles

Corey Fogel
Bahçecik Bateri 1–4 (2014)
8.5 minutes, video

Corey Fogel
LIES: [M, N, L, E] (2015)
10 minutes, video, with sound accompaniment

Corey Fogel
The People’s Croquet (2015)
30 seconds, video

Jorge Ravelo
Self; Proxy (2014)
6.5 minutes, video

Jorge Ravelo
Fletwood (2015)
8.5 minutes, video

Bill Jenkins
Sidewalk video (2015)
10 minutes, video

– brief intermission –

William E. Jones
A Great Way of Life
7 minutes, video

Zach Iannazzi
Old Hat
9 minutes, 16mm, silent

Brian O’Connell
12 minutes, 16mm, silent

Rick Bahto
Object canons
45 minutes, four cassette tapes
Performed by Rick Bahto, Julia Holter, Zach Iannazzi, Patrick Londen, & Tashi Wada
This work will play before and after the screening.

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