New Works Salon XVII ‘Marathon’

Saturday, December 7, 2013
Echo Park Film Center
New Works Salon Marathon
7 pm – ??? (note: went until 3:30 am)

The program below is subject to change.

Echo Park Film Center’s microcinema series and LA AIR programs are both supported in part by grants from the Foundation for Visual Arts and the Andy Warhol Foundation for Visual Art.

Thank you for coming and celebrating our 12-year anniversary! Love, EPFC.

Window installation:
Christine Alicino & Ursula Brookbank
Instereo 3 (2013)


Pre-screening entertainment by:

Cool Team
Joff Winterhart, Danny Garcia, Nikki Cornejo, Ellie Parker, and Chloe Reyes

Whig Party
Danny Garcia, Danny Louangxay, and Ismael Garcia

Los Gatitos
Paul Gailiunas, Joff Winterhart, Danny Garcia, Danny Louangxay, and Lisa Marr


Echo Park Film Center & DocLab
The Sound We See: A Hanoi City Symphony (2013) 16mm

John Cannizzaro
The Son Also Rises (2013) 16mm

Dana Berman Duff
Catalogue (2013) 16mm

Reza Monahan
Geo-Illogical Asphyxiation Angle (2013) video

Ross Lipman
Cheonggye Stream Renovation (2008)
Hongik Street Scene (2008) both dv

Will O’Loughlen
12 (2013) video

Beaux Mingus
Pipe Organs Exclusively video

Sharmaine Starks
Excerpts from Imma Hustle Girl: The Heart of the West (2013) Three Portraits of Females Reppin West Coast Underground Hip Hop.

short intermission

Kate Lain
Field Notes #1–5 (2011) video

Nancy Jean Tucker

We Let the Darkness In (2013) Video
Excerpt from Video Installation
Music by: Samuel Bing

Gina Napolitan
The Library at Night
(2012) video

Huckleberry Lain
Antiquities for the Queen of the Angels (2013) video

Pablo Valencia
95 Windows (2012) Blindside I (2011) Windows for Adam Di Angelo (2011) Windows for Frank Thomson (2012) Blindside II (2012) Video feed: los angeles (2011) all Super 8 on video

Alee Peoples

Waxing and Milking (2013) excerpt,
in-progress, Super 8

Eve LaFountain
Salt Flats (James Benning in the Desert) (2013) Super 8

Erich Burci
Farewell to Lucy (2012) 16mm

John Palmer

Intimations #1 (2012) Super 8

Rick Bahto
Maxim’s I (2013) Super 8, music by Julia Holter

Andrew Kim
Some Unseen Lights (2012) 16mm
Untitled (2013) 16mm

Kate Brown
4X3 (2013) Super 8

Mike Stoltz
In Between (2013) 16mm
Untitled (2013) in-progress, 16mm

Isabell Spengler
The Pitch (2008) video

AnitRa Menning
Bookfiends (1998) 16mm on video
Scab Glam (1999) 16mm on video

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