New Works Salon XV

Saturday, October 19, 2013
Echo Park Film Center
New Works Salon XV

This program is supported in part by grants from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts & the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.

Diego Torres Peñaloza
La Montaña interior (The Inner Mountain)
(2012) Super 8, black and white, 30 minutes.
It is a metaphor on the search of an own road in life. The main character is a man that decides to take a long walk toward the mountains that culminates with the ascent to a summit, while he remembers his activism as artist and as ecologist.

Karen Adelman
Pedazos (Janer) (2013) 2:05. video
Pedazos (Bus, Maria la Baja) (2013) 2:40, video
El Gordo y Las Naranjas (2013) 1:45, video
Restos/remainders (2013) 15:40, video
In late 2012, I traveled to Colombia for five weeks. I went to learn more about bullerengue and magic realism, two very different modes of storytelling. I made these videos: my stories about other stories. They were screened recently in a show I titled La Bulla y Restos, which roughly translates as The Ruckus & Remainders.

John Wiese
Leather Bath (2013) 6:19, video
Zuza (2013) 1:12, video, silent
Sissy Spacek (2013) 10:32, edited by Matt Purse

Clay Dean

Optic Glyph (2003) 5 min., 16mm, b/w, silent.
Field Theory (2013) 5 min., analog video transferred to digital video, b/w, sound.
The pairing of these pieces looks to explore ideas around the physicality of working with and perceiving these mediums.

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