New Works Salon XLVII

November 8, 2018
Echo Park Film Center
New Works Salon XLVII

This program is supported in part by a grant from the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.

Jose Guadalupe Sanchez III
The Poems are Gods (2018)
6.5 minutes, video, sound
Part of a series that explores the layers of daily interactions like conversation and visual stimulation. At its core, The Poems are Gods is an experience of how these forms of stimulation can express, imprint, and/or reinforce preconceived interpretations of their world views without them having to be consciously aware of those processes.

Lucy Williams
Light of Day I and II (2017)
9.5 minutes, HD video, sound
A work-in-progress experimental piece with a bespoke electronic soundtrack, drawing on Lucy’s roots in Venice, Italy–as her family is part of a long history of glass-making there. Part I is themed around the four elements (vital to glass making): Earth (silica, sand), Air (to power the furnace), Fire (the furnace) and Water (for cooling). Part II is shot with a multiple pinhole disc and gives an impressionistic almost kaleidoscopic view of the city’s crowded alleys and waterways.

Lucy Williams
Lap: Dissolve (Alla Deriva) (2018)
4 minutes, HD video, sound

Max Schulman
Cher · Betty · David (2018)
33 minutes, video, sound
An experimental documentary composed of intimate conversations with three different passengers traveling alone on the train between Los Angeles and Chicago.

Christina Nguyen
untitled (2018)
3 minutes, 16mm dual projection, silent

Mike Stoltz
untitled (2018)
4 minutes, 16mm, silent

Walter Vargas
Balance of Endeavor: mercy for forgotten things (2018)
20 minutes, performance for two 16mm projectors, video, and voice
“6 years after a space shuttle that was in outer space orbiting the Earth was hauled through a community disenfranchised by the same Senate subcommittees that fund Captain Kirk Free Enterprise; a revisit.”