New Works Salon XIV

Saturday, September 21, 2013
Echo Park Film Center
New Works Salon XIV

This program is supported in part by grants from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts & the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.

Ross Lipman
Curva Peligrosa
HD, 7 min, silent, 2013 (Tecate/Los Angeles)
La Reparosa (to create rumors, or, the murmuring) is both the name of a town and a perilously stunning stretch of road between Tijuana and Mexicali that weaves a route through the Sierra de Juarez Mountains. Though measures have been taken to increase safety it remains a major hazard, as attested by the ruins of vehicles that lay beneath it. This short piece documents the natural beauty of the landscape as revealed by speeding vehicles. Curva Peligrosa is part of The Perfect Heart of Flux, a cycle of works on the nature of organic change.

Ross Lipman
Dr. Bish Remedies
HD video, 10 min, 2012/13
From Ross Lipman’s “personal ethnographies” series, an informal visit with legendary filmmaker Bruce Baillie at his home on Camano Island in Washington State. “From the lone transcendent biker riding the two-lane highway of nightmares in 1964’s Mass for the Dakota Sioux to 1970’s Quick Billy, Baillie blazed a path through nothing less than the American consciousness itself, closing the cycle with the Quixotic epigram “Ever Westward Eternal Rider!” As the admonishment warns, the journey continues, and endpoints are illusory—only movement is of essence.
—“Whither Bruce Baillie?”, Ross Lipman, 2010

Michele Jaquis
until i can speak my mind, 2009
35mm film transferred to HDV, 1:29, color, silent
directed and performed by Michele Jaquis
cinematography and lighting by Luis Guizar
This short film was inspired by a recurring dream that Michele and her twin sister have both had for several years, in which each is chewing gum and no matter how much gum she attempts to remove from her mouth there is always too much still in it. Her sister’s belief is that once she is given, or gives herself, permission to voice her opinion about a pressing issue, the dreams subside.

Michele Jaquis

not until i’m ready, 2011
HDV, 3:33, color, stereo
directed, performed, shot and edited by Michele Jaquis
special thanks to Gil Barel, Maria Khachatryan, John Kim, Takeshi Kobayashi, Rashad Navidi, Solange Petrosspour, Erika Reynoso, Hataya Tubtim
Several months after having eight friends teach her how to say “I have to tell you something, but I don’t know how.” in eight different languages (Japanese, German, Thai, Armenian, Farsi, Korean, Hebrew, and Spanish) Michele practices in the mirror, as if she is trying to find the best way to start a difficult conversation.

Michele Jaquis

things we’ve heard, 2013
HDV, 4:16, color, stereo
directed, shot and edited by Michele Jaquis
written and performed by Juna Amano, Michele Jaquis, Rosalyn Myles, and Marissa Magdalena Sykes
Through linguistic reappropriation, participants reenact the off-handed and often insensitive comments they’ve heard while in mixed company, as on-screen text reinterprets the meanings of each statement.

…is the collaborative project of Vanessa O’Neill and Kent Long. They focus on multiple 16mm projection and live sound.

(2008, VO, originally silent, 10:00)
The ocean.

The Pass
(2013, Beige, 12:00)
The air.

The Waves (2004, KL, 6:30)
The ocean.

Which Ceaselessly Float Up (2011, Beige, 18:00)

“Such are the visions which ceaselessly float up, pace beside, put their faces in front of, the actual thing; often overpowering the solitary traveler and taking away from him the sense of the earth, the wish to return, and giving him for substitute a general peace…” 
—Virginia Woolf, Mrs. Dalloway

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