New Works Salon XIII

Saturday, June 15, 2013
Echo Park Film Center
New Works Salon XIII

This program is supported in part by grants from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts & the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.

Zach Bucek

Four States (2012)
4 minutes, 8mm, silent.
“I made this film with Alison Kozberg during a road trip we took in December of 2012 to Texas and back. It is both a travelogue and a time capsule. Like a home movie, the film is presented as it existed in camera, free of edits or titles.”

Katherine Mirescu & Pablo Valencia
kmpv1 (2013)
3 minutes, Super 8mm, silent.

Sarah Rara
Ukiah (2013)
6 minutes, 16mm on video, sound.
Ukiah examines the goings-on during a gathering of artist’s and builders at a ranch in Ukiah, California. The film gathers together an array of materials from plant studies and landscapes to the activities of artists surrounding the building of a house to serve as a center for learning and think tank for the upcoming exhibition The Possible curated by David Wilson coming soon to the Berkeley Art Museum in 2014.

Mike Stoltz
Half Human, Half Vapor (2013)
10 minutes, 16mm to HD, sound.
A collection of artifacts left by Lewis Vandercar, Floridian sculptor and warlock.

Mike Stoltz
With Pluses and Minuses (2013)
5 minutes, 16mm, sound.
“Real morning with pluses and minuses, my symbols for truth.”

Rick Bahto
World (2013)
5 minutes, Super 8mm, music by Julia Holter.
Several walks around town, with Rick Bahto, Julia Holter, and Mark So.

Rick Bahto
Finale (2013)
8 minutes, Super 8mm, music by Julia Holter.
A variety of translations, featuring the Thomases Hardy and Bernhard.

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