New Works Salon XII

Saturday, April 25, 2013
Echo Park Film Center
New Works Salon XII

This program is supported in part by grants from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts & the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.

Heather Trawick
The Surface of Perfection (2013) 5 minutes, 16mm.
A visual exploration of the socio-political history of the melodrama.

Jackson McCoy
On Springfield Hill (2013) 5 minutes, 16mm.
Barn, Boat, Field, Film.

Aida Lugo
Winter’s Afternoon (2013) 7 minutes, Super 8.
Winter’s Afternoon was shot one day in spring, which will soon be forgotten like you, me, and our memories on film if we refrain from its use. So I honor these things, and share them with you, or in the end we’ll all be lost.

John Cannizarro
Trance (2013) 7 minutes, video.
An impromptu “energy transfer ceremony” filmed in Death Valley, where the trance ceremony being photographed induces the trance of the filmmaker.

Eve LaFountain
Boozhoo Jiibayag (Hello Ghosts) (2013) 1 minute, 16mm, sound.
Indabaabasaan (I Smudge It, I Cleanse It) (2013) 2 minutes, 16mm, sound.
Soda Lake (2013) 3 minutes, 16mm, sound.
Three films in which Ojibwa ghost stories and traditions are explored and landscapes are bent.

Karissa Hahn
Illume (2013) 2 ½ minutes, 16mm.
Metal metamorphosing to a surveying macro lens—bending reflections of the mundane. Reflections only made on the surface of objects—transposing into new forms.

Amy Halpern
By Halves (2010) 7 minutes, 16mm.
This silent film is derived from material found in pic fill made for sound editing. Pic fill is an industrial product made from rejected 35 mm film prints. For 16mm use the prints have been split, re-perforated and sold in bulk reels as spacer for sync film tracks. The films often have huge scratches deliberately made down their whole length to make sure that they will not be projected. The movement of the performer is slowed because halved 35 mm, perforated to 16mm, has twice the number of frames per shot, i.e. is twice as long when projected at speed. One sees first the top and then the bottom of each frame in quick succession. Surprises result. FLICKER WARNING: If susceptible to seizures please close your eyes & cover them & turn away for the next 7 minutes.

Cosmo Segurson
The Burning of Los Angeles (2013) 3 minutes, 16mm, original sound
This work in progress features a series of in-camera optical effects and a musical progression, inspired by Nathaniel West’s 1939 novel The Day of the Locust. Tod Hackett comes to California to work in the movie business during the Great Depression, only to find the town seething with desperation behind it’s cinematic façade. The Burning of Los Angeles is the title of the painting he creates, which comes to apocalyptic life in the final chapter.
Filming assistance: Rick Bahto, Samantha King, Mark Chamness, Antonio Cisneros
Musical recording and mixing: James King, Mike Uhler

Andrew Kim
Untitled Apeshit Laser Movie Featuring 2Hi2Die (2013) 5 minutes, 16mm.
No description provided.

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