New Works Salon VIII

Saturday, December 15, 2012
New Works Salon VIII
Echo Park Film Center

Kate Brown Couch (2012)
3 minutes, 16mm, silent.

Dana Berman Duff Vibrant Matter (2012)
7 minutes, 16mm, b&w, sound.
Three short studies in 16mm using sound as an image element. The third piece uses images of real and constructed sites ordered in a way that implies narrative and rendered in double exposure, where the film was rewound outside of the camera and shot over again. I could say there’s an addition of a “third exposure,” and that’s of sound. Here sound is used as an image space, or more precisely as an instigator of a third image, or even multiple images.

Eve-Lauryn LaFountain
They Told Me ‘Apikaan’ Means Braid (2012)
2 minutes, 16mm, b/w, silent.
Originally created as a 50-foot 16mm film loop installation. The piece explores issues of identity and the breakdown of tradition as a loop of information that is constantly circling. Originally shot on 8mm film by Rick Bahto. Optically printed to 16mm, hand processed, performed and conceived by Eve-Lauryn LaFountain.

Kate Lain In the Usual Manner (2012)
6 ½ minutes, video, sound.
A contemporary artist brings his Civil War-style darkroom and gear to The Huntington Library on the outskirts of Los Angeles to produce hauntingly beautiful work ‘in the usual manner’ of the nineteenth-century photographer.

Mariah Garnett Signal (2012)
7 minutes, 16mm on video, sound.
The script for Signal, a 7-minute, 16mm film, attempts to narrativize a collection of spam emails gathered over a 3-year period, is staged in or near “sacred spaces” outside of Reno, and performed by local inhabitants, both coincidentally Vietnam Vets.

Mariah Garnett Untitled (Eclipse) (2012)
11 minutes, video.
Untitled (Eclipse), an 11-minute long video, scrolls plaintive found text—one glorious Craigslist ad—over the image of the 2012 annular solar eclipse.

Alee Peoples Them Oracles (2012)
7 ½ minutes, 16mm to HD, color, sound.
A skeptic investigation of what an oracle can be and what it would sound like. Human desire and blind faith allow, maybe even will, these mystic soothsayers to exist.

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