New Works Salon VII

Saturday, November 24, 2012
New Works Salon VII
Echo Park Film Center

Sean Batton
Tokyo, Early September 2012 (2012)
10 minutes, 16mm.

Chris Girard
End / Very / Beach / Er / Block / Pus (2012)
approx. 10 minutes, photographs, text.
Chris Girard will read embedded poems next to six collaged photos of different types of public signs (and non-signs) found in and around Los Angeles entitled End / Very / Beach / Er / Block / Pus. The placement of photography next to words integrates the dissolution of image through the words in this live collage poetry session.

Walter Vargas
Balance of Endeavour: phase one
15 minutes, 16mm, b/w, sound.
First part of a work in progress, documenting the space shuttle Endeavour passing through Los Angeles. The film was entirely hand processed.

Elizabeth DiGiovanni
Now and Then (2012)
50 seconds, video, sound.
Spirit Evidence (2012)
2 minutes, video, sound.
These works deal with collecting and imaging the traces, residues, and evidence from the realm of spirits, ghosts, and memory.

Cosmo Segurson
Irasshaimase (Welcome) (2012)
6 minutes, Super 8 and HD, sound recordings from Tokyo, and various found music
This eccentric home movie hopes to express the beauty, textures, sounds, strangeness and overwhelming energy I experienced in September and October of this year, in Tokyo Japan.

Stom Sogo (1975–2012)
Take This Tablet (2000)
10 minutes, Super 8 on video, color, sound.

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