New Works Salon VI

Saturday, September 15, 2012
New Works Salon VI
Echo Park Film Center

Zach Iannazzi
Wildness Regained! (2008)
9 minutes, 16mm, color & b/w, sound.
Fact-less documents of a man-altered landscape.

Zach Iannazzi
When I Get Back From Massachusetts (2011)
12–14 minutes, 2X16mm, variable speed, color, sound.
New England bliss looms a little strange.

Pat O’Neill
Painter and Ball 4–14 (2012)
10 minutes, digital video, sound.
The work is, in part, a record of summer overtaking spring outside my studio window, while a chunky little manikin levitates in joyous captivity.

Pablo Valencia

H/H (2012)
lightwave (2012)
blindside ii (2012)
10 minutes, Super 8, color and b/w, silent.
Three observational miniatures. (note by Rick Bahto)

Ross Lipman
Casa Loma (Dignity and Impudence)
10 minutes, DV, silent. (Toronto / Los Angeles)
“The oneirically definitive house must retain its shadows.”
—Gaston Bachelard

Casa Loma was the unfinished dream mansion of Canadian industrial magnate Henry Pellatt. A self-made millionaire, Pellatt was derided by fellow aristocrats for nouveau-riche pretentions: the house and its décor considered by many an ornate fake. Its original contents were sold at Pellatt’s bankruptcy auction in 1924.

Today the building is a museum; its current curators filling its halls with furniture and trappings of the general era. In one corridor, carefully lit, is a folk-art portrait of two dogs accompanied by the sentimental epithet, “Dignity and impudence.” The movie has three sections—the first in a cellar tunnel, the next in a first-story workroom near the stables, the third in the tower’s summit. Casa Loma is part of The Perfect Heart of Flux, a cycle of works on the nature of organic change.

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