New Works Salon V

Thursday, August 24, 2012
New Works Salon V
Echo Park Film Center

Ursula Brookbank
20 minutes, 8mm film, 35mm slides, objects.
Moving and still image projections including select artifacts from the SHE WORLD Archive on display.

Eve LaFountain
Anishinabemowin Nagishkodaading (2012)
6 minutes, Super 8 on video, sound.
A color Super 8 film exploration of Ojibwa, filmmaker Eve LaFountain’s traditional tribal language, and her attempts at learning how to speak it. Through repetitions of introductory phrases and visual tours through her reservation she unpacks layers of her identity.


Reza Monahan
Fogbound Vacuity Brig (2012)
12 minutes, video 1440×1080, sound.
Emerging from an indexical and nuanced questioning of history and consciousness seen in the work of Hollis Frampton and Chris Marker, Fogbound Vacuity Brig utilizes facades (old and new) found in downtown Los Angeles to create a bridge between lyricism and narrative. The film, narrated by a citizen of LA who muses on her condition, tells the tale of a metropolis whose population is now trapped as a bodiless form of consciousness due to, in her words, the city’s shadow inhaling its creator.

Rick Bahto
Compositions No. 2 (2012)
12 minutes, 16mm, silent.
Part of a larger project involving photographic prints, 35 mm slide carousels, and 16 mm films, all drawn from the same source material: a collection of still images made over the past year of found still lifes. Action in this film performed by Rick Bahto and Julia Holter, with camera assistance by Cosmo Segurson.

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