New Works Salon LI

June 1, 2019
Echo Park Film Center
New Works Salon LI

Brenda Contreras
Ce Campeca (Ritual #1) (2019)
3 minutes, 8mm in 35mm slide frames

Dicky Bahto
Concert Diary (what’s a life?) (2019)
9 minutes (excerpt), super 8 & video, color & b/w, sound

Darol Olu Kae
i ran from it and was still in it (2019)
11 minutes, video, color & b/w, sound

Heather Trawick
Isn’t it a Pity (2019)
8 minutes, 16mm on video, b/w, sound

Miko Revereza
untitled work-in-progress (2019)
10 minutes, 16mm on video, color, sound

Weng San Sit
Searching for Liang Zhu (2019)
29 minutes, video, color, sound

The New Works Salons series is a casual forum for the presentation and discussion of new works in film, video, sound, and performance, with local and visiting artists often in-person to introduce their work. This, the fifty-first program in the series, will feature work by Weng San Sit, Heather Trawick, Dicky Bahto, Miko Revereza, and Brenda Contreras. Weng San Sit will show her new video Searching for Liang Zhu: Filmed in China, Mexico and the United States and utilizing archival footages, Searching for Liang Zhu journeys into spaces that are echoing with the story of the Butterfly Lovers; a Chinese legend about a woman named Zhu Ying-tai who dressed as a man in order to have an education. The story is embodied and conveyed in a repertoire of gestures, spoken word, dance and other performances by individuals in the ‘imagined community’ who are often represented to be homogeneous. As the legend of Liang Zhu is retold, the singular narrative is destabilized by differing ideologies and personal histories.” Heather Trawick will show her new film Isn’t it a Pity: “The beginning in a series of explorations that seek to examine the pit as the nucleus. Often discarded, or removed from sight, this film attempts to dismantle the hiding of infrastructure.” Darol Kae will show his work i ran from it and was still in it, recently completed during his EPFC LA AIR artist in residency; Dicky Bahto will show a scene from the in-progress, feature-length version of his Concert Diary – what’s a life?, and we’ll have a new set of 35mm slides by Brenda Contreras and a new 16mm film by Miko Revereza.