New Works Salon IV

Thursday, June 21, 2012
New Works Salon IV
Echo Park Film Center

Erich Burci

Island Woman (2012)
4 minutes, 16mm, sound, two projectors.
Inspired by a Cuban avant-garde photographer and his works, this film explores the composition just as much as it explores camera movement and the medium of film itself.

Mike Stoltz
Give Me Shapes (2010)
3 minutes, Super 8, silent, two projectors.
Collaboration with Hannah Lew. Jars of seawater are swapped between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. 9,000 miles in 24 days.


Mike Stoltz
Sky Slicer (2012)
3 minutes, 16mm, silent.
New work in progress

Matt Weathers
… and then they became spirits (2012)
5 minutes, Super 8, color, silent.
A film about two people posing their questions of life to the land and drawing closer to it in anticipation of a response.

Camille Reyes
Tu Sides (2012)
3 minutes, Super 8, b/w, silent.
I am on a search to deconstruct the concept of love through mathematical formulas of probability. It is a conflict between intellect and overriding emotions. Documentation sets to claim these two sides as rigid and unpredictable, brief and continuous, sensual and controlling.

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