New Works Salon III

this program was guest curated by Eve LaFountain. There was no printed program. Instead, below you will find the promotional text for the event, followed by my projection notes which includes the names of the artists in the order of the program, along with some of the titles of works shown.

A special CalArts student edition of the New Works Salon in which several artists will present new in-progress or recently completed works. This screening will present a broad range of film and video work being made at the California Institute of the Arts, undergraduate and graduate students from the film/video program, experimental animation and the school of art will be showcased. Former EPFC student and current teacher Walter Vargas will show “Driving South Florence”, a 16mm portrait on south central made during his first year at CalArts, 16mm “STANDARDS OF PERFECTION” by Andrew Kim is not a film about miniature horses, Marisa Williamson presents a myth of origin–about Africans who could fly, who lost their wings on the Middle Passage, but relearned the ability to fly in a moment of danger, Jackson McCoy shares “an ocean” a meditation on water, film, wet film, and dry ice, Silvia Salgueiro presents Apanhar Laranjas/ Picking Oranges a 1 minute 16mm film, Calvin Fredrick made a film in which “A beef thief gets some ham lip and is hampered by the doo,” all Ryan Betschart set out to do was to make an amazing Disney Channel Original Movie, but ended up making lo-fi demonic musings on his own childhood, Mike Stoltz will show “IN BETWEEN” and curator, EPFC staff member and current MFA student at CalArts Eve LaFountain will show her latest pinhole/8mm dual projection film “Elderberry, Black Walnut, Oak.”

Bryne Rasmussen An Obsolete Model video 2.5 minutes
Marisa Williamson Wing Recovery video 5 minutes
Calvin Fredrick
John Warren Poppy Fields Forever 16mm 3 minutes
Eve LaFountain Elderberry, Black Walnut, Oak
Ryan Betschart
Andrew Kim Standards of Perfection 16mm 9 minutes
This short documentary questions social ideals of perfection as they are related to those of The American Miniature Horse Association’s Standard of Perfection.

Jackson McCoy
Silvia das Fadas Apanhar Laranjas / Picking Oranges 16mm 1 minute
Walter Vargas LA Rising–fm (titled at the time Driving South Florence)

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