2015 Salon Marathon

Saturday, December 5, 2015
Echo Park Film Center

Los Gatitos
Live music by Danny G, Paul, Paolo, & Ms. Lisa Marr

Michael Jefferson & Tom Duffy
Spoken word / poetry reading

Maya Abee
Live music

Shauna McGarry

Beaux Mingus
Live Music

Thom Andersen
World Premiere of new music video

The Readers Chorus
1. Walk, Jordan Biren
2. i can still see, Luke Martin
3. Whisk & Eggy Weg, Morgan Gerstmar
4. The Port Was Longing, Robert Lax
Chorus: Christine Tavolacci, Luke Martin, Morgan Gerstmar, Carolyn Chen, Tuni Chatterji, Kate Brown, Jordan Biren

Cindy Stillwell
Looking At Neon Signs (2015) 3 minutes, Super 8 on video
EPFC Commission!

Adam Abouaccar
Del Tredici: An Ongoing Pursuit (2015) 3:25, Super 8 on video
EPFC Commission!

Marcella Ernest
Hurt (2015) 3:13, Super 8 on video
EPFC Commission!

Janis Crystal Lipzin
Covert Ciné (2015) 5 minutes, Super 8 and video
EPFC Commission!

Wyatt Sanders
Prometheus (2015) 3.5 minutes, Super 8 on video
EPFC Commission!

Kate Brown
Alaska 16mm 10 minutes

Eve LaFountain
Giizis Mooka’am (2015) 14 minutes, 16mm, sound by Jon Almaraz

Karissa Hahn
Regal (2015) 3 minutes, 16mm

Jessica Storm
Yesterday’s News (2015) 3:10, Super 8
EPFC Commission!

Daniel Marlos
Odalisque (2015) 3:15, Super 8
EPFC Commission!

Elizabeth & Patrick Wodzinski
(2015) 3:15, Super 8
EPFC Commission!

Paul Clipson
Compound Eyes 1-5 (2011) 27 minutes, Super 8

Richard Bar
new film (2015) 2.5 minutes, Super 8
EPFC Commission!

Mike Stoltz
Outtakes (2015) 8 minutes, 16mm

Amy Halpern
Newt Pause (2015) 11 minutes, 16mm

Laida Lertxundi
Utskor: Either / Or (2013) 7.5 minutes, 16mm on HD

Penelope Uribe-Abee
Distant Lover (2015) 9 minutes, video

Kate Dollenmayer
JUST FEEL ME DEAR HUMAN 3:32, 35mm film on video

Walter Vargas

Rick Bahto
Silhouette (2015) 4 minutes, 16mm on video, music by Julia Holter

Mike Stoltz & Alee Peoples
Immolating Direct Address (2015) 16mm on video 53 seconds

Alee Peoples
Spread Eagle (2009) 4 minutes, video

Pablo Valencia
Pants Charming Power Hour (2012) 7.5 minutes, video

Miko Revereza presents MTV Off the Screen

Grub Buds Film & Video Extravaganza! Hosted by Beaux Mingus