New Works Salon

In March 2012 I began a series at the Echo Park Film Center called the New Works Salon. I intend for the series to be a casual forum for artists to present new works in film, video, performance, and sound, and to engage in discussion with the audience and their peers. In programming each salon, I have attempted to bring together artists working in different aesthetics and methods, coming from different backgrounds, and from all stages of careers, without constraints on content, duration, or format. This archive presents the programs as printed for each event. Most of the works shown are receiving their world or local premieres. The series has received funding at various points from the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and the Foundation for Contemporary Arts.

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New Works Salon I / March 22, 2012
featuring Marcy Saude, Pablo Valencia, Rick Bahto & Casey Anderson, Sean Batton & Kelsey Brain, and Mark Toscano.

New Works Salon II / April 28, 2012
featuring Ursula Brookbank, Cosmo Segurson, Kimberly Strouse, Walter Vargas, and Linda Scobie.

New Works Salon III / May 19, 2012
featuring Bryne Rasmussen, Marisa Williamson, Calvin Fredrick, John Warren, Eve LaFountain, Ryan Betschart, Andrew Kim, Jackson McCoy, Sílvia das Fadas, Carly Short, and Walter Vargas.

New Works Salon IV / June 21, 2012
featuring Erich Burci, Mike Stoltz, Matt Weathers, and Camille Reyes.

New Works Salon V / August 23, 2012
featuring Ursula Brookbank, Eve LaFountain, Reza Monahan, and Rick Bahto.

New Works Salon VI / September 15, 2012
featuring Zach Iannazzi, Pat O’Neill, Pablo Valencia, and Ross Lipman.

New Works Salon VII / November 24, 2012
featuring Sean Batton, Chris Girard, Walter Vargas, Elizabeth DiGiovanni, Cosmo Segurson, and Stom Sogo in memoriam.

New Works Salon VIII / December 15, 2012
featuring Kate Brown, Dana Berman Duff, Eve-Lauryn LaFountain, Kate Lain, Mariah Garnett, and Alee Peoples.

New Works Salon IX / February 23, 2013
featuring Chloe Reyes, Brigid McCaffrey, and Valerie Soe.

New Works Salon X / March 23, 2013
featuring Jeremy Rourke, Lisa Marr, and Yelena Zhelezov.

New Works Salon XI / April 20, 2013
featuring William E. Jones, Irwin Swirnoff, and Stephen van Dyck.

New Works Salon XII / May 25, 2013
featuring Heather Trawick, Jackson McCoy, Aida Lugo, John Cannizzaro, Eve LaFountain, Karissa Hahn, Amy Halpern, Cosmo Segurson, and Andrew Kim.

New Works Salon XIII / June 15, 2013
featuring Zach Bucek, Katherine Mirescu & Pablo Valencia, Sarah Rara, Mike Stoltz, and Rick Bahto.

New Works Salon XIV / September 21, 2013
featuring Ross Lipman, Michele Jaquis, and Beige (Vanessa O’Neill & Kent Long).

New Works Salon XV / October 19, 2013
featuring Diego Torres Peñaloza, Karen Adelman, John Wiese, and Clay Dean.

New Works Salon XVI / November 16, 2013
featuring Chloe Reyes, Sílvia das Fadas, Jackson McCoy, Kate Dollenmayer, Joff Winterhart, and Cosmo Segurson, Lisa Marr, Paolo Davanzo & students from A Free School.

New Works Salon XVII / December 7, 2013
Marathon celebration for the Echo Park Film Center’s 12-year anniversary, featuring installations, live music, and many, many films and videos.

New Works Salon XVIII / February 22, 2014
featuring Kate Lain, Mark Toscano, Marilyn Hernandez, Ellie Parker, Kelsey Brain, and Thom Andersen.

New Works Salon IXX / March 22, 2014
featuring Kate Brown, Penelope Uribe-Abee, Rick Bahto, and Micah Lexier.

New Works Salon XX / April 26, 2014
featuring Janis Crystal Lipzin, Kerry Laitala, Ross Meckfessel, Zach Iannazzi, and Paul Clipson.

New Works Salon XXI / May 24, 2014
featuring William E. Jones, Mike Stoltz, and Edgar Jorge.

New Works Salon XXII / June 28, 2014
featuring Paul Pescador, Martine Syms, Vashti Harrison, and Eve LaFountain.

New Works Salon XXIII / July 17, 2014
featuring Geoffrey Sexton, Tempe Hale, and Walter Vargas.

New Works Salon XXIV / August 16, 2014
featuring Nora Sweeney, Ursula Brookbank, Pablo Marín, and Mark Toscano.

New Works Salon XXV / September 26, 2014
featuring Thom Andersen, Dana Berman Duff, Luciano Piazza, Reza Monahan, Laida Lertxundi, and Juan Daniel F. Molero.

New Works Salon XXVI / Marathon II / December 6, 2014
featuring music and readings by Los Gatitos, Harvey Sid Fisher, Beaux Mingus, Gina Napolitan, Cosmo Segurson, Tom Duffy, Michael Jefferson, The Here & Now, Steve Abee, Maya Abee, and Brannigan’s law.
World Premieres of Super 8 films commissioned by EPFC by Florian Cramer, Alex Mackenzie, Tomonari Nishikawa, Rosario Sotelo, and Marco Vera.
and films, videos, and performances by Jordan Biren with Heather Lockie, Abby Banks, John Cannizzaro, Dana Berman Duff, Kate Brown, Silva das Fadas, Geoffrey Sexton, Mike Stoltz, Penelope Uribe-Abee, John Wiese, and more!

New Works Salon XXVII / July 11, 2015
featuring Kate Alexandrite, Kate Brown, Shannon Ebner, Eve Fowler, Minjung Kim, and Margo Victor.

New Works Salon XXVIII / August 22, 2015
featuring Paul Clipson, Alee Peoples, Paul Pescador, Charlotte Pryce, Sepand Shahab, and Anna Wittenberg.

New Works Salon XXIX / September 19, 2015
featuring Rick Bahto, Corey Fogel, Zach Iannazzi, Bill Jenkins, William E. Jones, Brian O’Connell, and Jorge Ravelo.

New Works Salon XXX / November 21, 2015
featuring Hollie Brown, Karissa Hahn & Andrew Kim, Kate Lain, Eve LaFountain, Martine Syms, and Ariel Teal.

2015 Late Night Salon Marathon No. 3 / December 5, 2015
featuring EPFC commissioned Super 8 films, plus new and recent films, videos, performances, and more by EPFC friends and family, including Los Gatitos, Michael Jefferson & Tom Duffy, Maya Abee, Shauna McGarry, Beaux Mingus, Thom Andersen, The Readers Chorus, Cindy Stillwell, Adam Abouaccar, Marcella Ernest, Janis Crystal Lipzin, Wyatt Sanders, Kate Brown, Eve LaFountain, Karissa Hahn, Jessica Storm, Daniel Marlos, Elizabeth & Patrick Wodzinski, Paul Clipson, Mike Stoltz, Amy Halpern, Laida Lertxundi, Penelope Uribe-Abee, Kate Dollenmayer, Walter Vargas, Rick Bahto, Mike Alee Peoples, Pablo Valencia, and more!

New Works Salon XXXI / February 20, 2016
featuring Ursula Brookbank, John Cannizzaro, Olivia Ciummo, Karissa Hahn, and Reza Monahan.

New Works Salon XXXII / April 16, 2016
featuring three by Saul Levine (in person!), plus Rick Bahto, Marquita Flowers, Eve LaFountain, Zach Iannazzi, Karen Johannesen, Chloe Reyes, and Pablo Valencia.

New Works Salon XXXIII / May 7, 2016
featuring Thom Andersen, Gina Napolitan, Christina Nguyen, Alee Peoples, and Penelope Uribe-Abee.

New Works Salon XXXIV / June 4, 2016
featuring Marielle V. Jakobsons, Ashley Bellouin & Ben Bracken, and Chuck Johnson & Paul Clipson.

New Works Salon XXXV / August 27, 2016
featuring Marco Braunschweiler, Mikael Levin, Deirdre O’Dwyer, Walter Vargas, and Pedro Verdin.

New Works Salon XXXVI / November 19, 2016
featuring Basma Alsharif, Mike Stoltz & Alee Peoples, Diego Torres Peñaloza, Mona Varichon, and Anna Wittenberg.

New Works Salon XXXVII / January 8, 2017
featuring Whitney Hubbs, Alison O’Daniel, and Paul Pescador.

New Works Salon XXXVIII / March 25, 2017
featuring Christina Battle, Gelare Khoshgozaran, Azadeh Navai, Julie Sadowski, Penelope Uribe-Abee, and Walter Vargas.

New Works Salon XXXIX / May 13, 2017
featuring Ursula Brookbank, Kate Brown, Ross Meckfessel, Reza Monahan, Jorge Ravelo, Miko Revereza, and Cosmo Segurson.

New Works Salon XL / September 23, 2017
featuring Michele Jaquis, Tamara Rosenblum, Jennifer Saparzedeh, and Max Schulman.

New Works Salon XLI / November 11, 2017
featuring Luciano Piazza, Eric Franco Aguilar, and Janis Crystal Lipzin.

New Works Salon XLII / January 13, 2018
featuring Jon Almaraz, Francesco Gagliardi, Karissa Hahn, Minjung Kim, Alee Peoples, and Ariel Teal.

New Works Salon XLIII / March 17, 2018
featuring Nes Abegaze, Tuni Chatterji, Lyra Hill, Eve LaFountain, Jodie Mack & Lisa Marr, and Julie Sadowski.

New Works Salon XLIV / May 19, 2018
featuring Zane Gutierrez, Kate Lain, Matthew Lax, and Miko Revereza.

New Works Salon XLV / July 7, 2018
featuring Kioto Aoki, Ursula Brookbank & Christine Alicino, Kate Brown, Caitlin Díaz, Urizen Freaza, Merideth Hillbrand, and Adee Roberson.

New Works Salon XLVI / September 15, 2018
featuring Dicky Bahto, Olivia Ciummo, Karissa Hahn, Sarah Nabil Mohamed Hafez Mohamed, Gina Napolitan, Alexander Stewart, and Mona Varichon.

New Works Salon XLVII / November 8, 2018
featuring Christina Nguyen, Jose Guadalupe Sanchez III, Max Schulman, Mike Stoltz, Walter Vargas, and Lucy Williams.

New Works Salon XLVIII / December 8, 2018
featuring Madison Brookshire, Kate Brown, David Chun, Brenda Contreras, Karissa Hahn, Gemma Jimenez, and Cara Levine.

New Works Salon XLIX / March 16, 2019
featuring Susanna Battin, Kate Lain, Ross Lipman, John Story, and Walter Vargas.

New Works Salon L / April 27, 2019
featuring John Cannizzaro, Edgar Jorge, Anaïs Hinojosa Téllez, and Mounir Souss.

New Works Salon LI / June 1, 2019
featuring Dicky Bahto, Brenda Contreras, Miko Revereza, Weng San Sit, and Heather Trawick.

New Works Salon LII / January 23, 2020
tentatively featuring Leanna Kaiser, Cherlyn Hsing-Hsin Liu, and Nora Sweeney.

New Works Salon LIII / February 22, 2020
featuring Dicky Bahto, Corey Fogel, Amy Halpern, Andrew Kim, Annapurna Kumar, David LeBrun, Ellie Parker & Lisa Marr, Alee Peoples, & Mounir Soussan.

New Works Salon LIV / March 27, 2020 postponed
including a feature-length documentary by Luciana Foglio and Luján Montes, plus short works by Carmina Escobar and Jimena Sarno, all revolving around sound and music.

New Works Salon LV / April 18, 2020 postponed
featuring Maura Brewer, Astrid de la Chapelle, Karissa Hahn, Linda Scobie, a newly commissioned film by Walter Vargas from the EPFC Newsreel project funded by the Mike Kelley Foundation for the Arts, and more TBA!

New Works Salon LVI / June 6, 2020 postponed
featuring Kate Brown, Andrew Kim and more TBA!