we’re (still) living, 2013. MOCA Los Angeles

we’re (still) living
Rick Bahto, Julia Holter, Mark So

Thursday, March 14, 2013
Los Angeles Filmforum at MOCA

Los Angeles Filmforum at MOCA presents an evening of new work by Rick Bahto, Mark So and Julia Holter. Working at the intersection of art, experimental music, and projector performance, these three artists come together for a unique event in which their distinct, yet related practices share time and space. Relying heavily on chance and the tensions that arise as media combines in real time, the work pays homage to composers such as John Cage, and yet looks, sounds, and feels like nothing else.

In their words: there is no picture. there are things going on in the world. it wouldn’t cross your mind to improvise. in place of realizing a blueprint, something more like gardening. do we want to make a new kind of pumpkin pie, or do we want to plant pumpkin seeds and pay attention, really see what happens?

Documentation: Jeannie Pagano