California Dreaming

California Dreaming
curated by Ariel Teal

Friday, January 12: CAVE Festival in Minneapolis
Saturday, January 21: Echo Park Film Center in Los Angeles

The Echo Park Film Center co-op is comprised of California natives, transplants to California and those who have left California. We have all tried to achieve our myriad, differing and overlapping dreams in a state that has promised us sunny days, stardom and fulfillment. This program will feature experimental films that explore various notions of the “California Dream.” Works screened on video in Minneapolis, on 16mm, super 8, and video in Los Angeles. Filmmakers in attendance!

Compositions No. 1 by Rick Bahto
2013, 16mm, 12 min.
Cuts in Motion by Brenda Contreras
2008, digital, 5.5 min.
Distant Lover by Penelope Uribe-Abee
2016, digital, 8 min.
Intolerance by Lisa Marr
2007, Super 8 transferred to video, 3 min.
Noriega Hotel by Beaux Mingus
2013, 16mm transferred to digital, 6 min.
Disappearing West – Arborglyph Intro Sequence by Gina Marie Napolitan
2016, digital, 2 min.
Frente a Frente by Caitlin Diaz
2016, 16mm, 5 min.
Sissy & Sally Make Lesbian Love by Ariel Kate Teal
2015, 16mm, 8.5 min.
Spotlight on a Brick Wall by Alee Peoples and Mike Stoltz
2016, 16mm, 8 min.

Mike Kelley Foundation for the Arts 2016 Artist Project Grant

Sunday, February 14, 2016: EPFC@ATASF

Sunday, February 14, 2016 at 8 PM
Films from the Echo Park Film Center
at Artist’s Television Access / 992 Valencia St. San Francisco, California

This program brings together a sampling of recent works in Super 8 and 16mm made through the Echo Park Film Center in Los Angeles, including works made through the LA AIR artist-in-residency program. The residency program has facilitated the creation of dozens of new works in film and video by providing Los Angeles-based artists access to space, time, and resources. This program will include Haruko Tanaka’s The Soroban and the Present is part abacus (soroban) tutorial, part historical account, part freeway numerology meditation, and part guerrilla ringing and field recordings of 2 forgotten L.A. bells, while John Palmer’s Intimations #1 features Super 8 portraits of strangers and their secrets and spaces. Pablo Valencia will show a suite of Super 8 miniatures, Kate Brown shows her Super 8 film 4X3, and Alee Peoples will show her untitled 8mm visual translation of a 1963 pop song’s lyrics. For the past few years EPFC has also been commissioning new works in Super 8 and 8mm film from artists around the world. This program features a small selection of these films, including Martine Syms’ L’Inventaire, Tomonari Nishikawa’s Manahttan One Two Three, Jessica Storm’s Yesterday’s News, and Daniel Marlos’ Odalisque, as well as Bay Area artists Paul Clipson and Rosario Sotelo.

November 2, 2015: Rick Bahto & Alee Peoples at REDCAT

Rick Bahto & Alee Peoples: Small-Gauge L.A.
Monday, November 2, 2015 at 8:30 pm
Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theater (REDCAT)
located in the Walt Disney Concert Hall complex
631 West 2nd Street, Los Angeles, California 90012

Rick Bahto and Alee Peoples are exemplary figures in the vibrant L.A. creative community committed to realizing personal vision through the hands-on intimacy of small-gauge film, DIY media and live performance. Bahto, a San Francisco transplant, plays with multiple layers of printing, rephotography and projection to explore the tension between the incidental and the controlled, while Peoples, an Oklahoma City native, uses Super 8 and 16mm film as platforms for whimsical storytelling with a nod to history. Bahto’s section of the program includes Accretions, for multiple slide projectors, and Compositions; Peoples is presenting the L.A. premiere of Non-Stop Beautiful Ladies, a street film starring decaying signage, car radios and human ad spinners.

$11 general / $8 students

Twelve Bagatelles (2015) for Janis Crystal Lipzin

Through Artists’ Lenses: “Twelve Bagatelles for Janis Crystal Lipzin” by Rick Bahto from The Huntington on Vimeo.

The Huntington asked three Los Angeles–area artists (Rick Bahto, Charlotte Pryce, and Steve Roden) to make short, silent films for the walls of the entryway of the Mapel Orientation Gallery. Each film is a poetic visual exploration of objects from our collections and spaces you can venture to during your visit. The orientation of the films is vertical because of the shape of the walls onto which they are projected in the gallery. See the other two artist films at

“Twelve Bagatelles for Janis Crystal Lipzin” by Rick Bahto, 2015 (super 8 transferred to digital, color & black-and-white, silent)

Artist statement:
Since moving to Southern California, I have returned again and again to The Huntington’s Desert Garden, endlessly fascinated by the variety of plants housed in this collection. For my film, I have placed the colors and textures of plants found in the Desert Garden Conservatory in conversation with other artists’ representations of plants, found in works ranging from medieval Books of Hours to Severin Roesen’s “Still Life with Flowers and Bird’s Nest.” This film is dedicated to Janis Crystal Lipzin—dear friend, mentor, artist, and gardener.

© 2015 Rick Bahto