MOMA. New York. Performance with Sarah Davachi.
L’Etna. Montreuil, France. Diaries, notes, & sketches: Dicky Bahto & Mona Varichon.
Santa Lucia. Berlin. Dicky Bahto & Julia Holter – screening & performance.
Artists Television Access. San Francisco. Diaries, notes, & sketches: Dicky Bahto & Mona Varichon.
Big Ears Festival. Knoxville, TN. For Liz Harris screens with Grouper performance.
Office Hours. CSU Dominguez Hills, Carson, CA. Insistent.
Theater Basel / Hochschule für Musik FHNW. Basel, Switzerland. SPIEL! Games as Critical Practice.
Los Angeles Filmforum.
 Los Angeles. Hand Made: Recent Work by Dicky Bahto.  solo screening.
Shapeshifters Cinema. Oakland. WOLF: A Celebration of the First Full Moon of 2023.


The Historic Morgan Estate. Los Altos Hills, CA. Assyrian Women Ensemble gala.
Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Sydney, Australia. Reimagining musical programming.
Canal180. Porto, Portugal/online. Jogo Cruzado.
The Quarantine Concerts.
ESS Chicago. ASRA presents Dicky Bahto, Tashi & Yoshi Wada. presented online.
Castro Theater. San Francisco. Grouper tour.
Masonic Lodge. Los Angeles. Grouper tour.
The ArtsCenter. Carrboro, NC. Grouper tour.
The Opera House. Brooklyn. Grouper tour.
Viriato Theatre. Visea, Portugal. Grouper tour.
Bourse de commerce. Paris. Grouper tour.
Polaris Hall.
Portland. Grouper tour.
Human Resources.
Los Angeles. Dicky Bahto & Prima Jalichandra-Sakuntabhai.


The Getty Museum. Los Angeles. Meaningless Work, Get to Work.
Revolutions Per Minute Festival.
 Boston. Drifters Dream.
The Garage on Grove. Sacramento. AVPM 21: Today’s Tomorrow, Tonight!
Pop Mutations. London / presented online. Live concert film of Tashi Wada with Julia Holter.
Dog Star Orchestra. presented online.
Walter & McBean Galleries and Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco. SFAI 150 | A Spirit of Disruption.
We Series, hosted by Elastic Arts.
 Online festival. Performance by The Ensemble Whose Name is Uhhhhhmm…


Infrequent Seams Streamfest. Online festival. New work by The Ensemble Whose Name is Uhhhhhmm…
Domen. Aarhus, Denmark. Current Resonance performance, including screening of two works by The Ensemble Whose Name is Uhhhhhmm…
Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. The Long Dream. Lil’ Jürg Frey performances as part of the Experimental Sound Studio’s installation. withdrawn in solidarity with workers laid of by the museum during the pandemic. read more here.
Coaxial Arts Foundation. Axial Age Festival. Lil’ Jürg Frey performance. streaming
the wulf. Lil’ Jürg Frey performance. streaming
Presence. two short stories included in publication.
The Quarantine Concerts. Experimental Sound Studio / Lumpen Radio. Lil’ Jürg Frey performance. streaming
Common Field After Party. Hosted by Lumpen Radio. Lil’ Jürg Frey performance. streaming
The Sound We See: quarantine edition. Online premiere.
Artists’ Television Access. San Francisco. Traces of a light.
Queens LA. Los Angeles. Us and Them: Human Relationships with the Natural World – Living within the natural world…
L’Etna. Montreuil, France. Los Angeles Mixtape.


Current:LA / Human Resources. Venice, CA. Muscle Beach Cookout. 
Time-Based Art Festival. Portland Institute for Contemporary Art. Nivhek + Guests: REQUIEM.
18th Street Arts Center. Santa Monica, CA. Video In Site: The Road Film.
Window 18B. London, UK. Please, Turn Off the Lights Before You Leave.
Human Resources. Los Angeles.
EPFC North. Vancouver, BC. A Day in the Sun.
UCR ARTS. Riverside. IE Experiments, in conjunction with the exhibition In the Sunshine of Neglect: Defining Photographs And Radical Experiments in Inland Southern California, 1950 To The Present at the California Museum of Photography.
University of Southern California. Los Angeles. Open Letter.
University of Chicago. Chicago. Another Void: in memoriam Paul Clipson.


The ICA. Los Angeles. B. Wurtz: Super 8 Films, with Echo Park Film Center
Echo Park Film Center. Los Angeles. performance with Filera (Natalia Perez, Wilfrido Terrazas, Carmina Escobar)
Zebulon. Los Angeles. performance with Tashi Wada.
Acid-Free at Blum & Poe. Los Angeles.
Human Resources. Los Angeles. 12 Symbols.


Light Field. San Francisco.
Los Angeles Philharmonic. Los Angeles. Noon to Midnight.
Character Projects. Los Angeles. XANTOLO.
Et al. San Francisco. Come Back Tomorrow: Dicky Bahto & Ahram Park.
Zebulon. Los Angeles. Performance by Trio Bahto, Fogel, Wada.
The Lab. San Francisco. Other Forms of Light. Performances by Trio Bahto, Fogel, Wada and by Paul Clipson & Maggi Payne.
Situations. Screenings @ Situations. New York.
Human Resources. Sincerely,. Los Angeles.
Coaxial Arts. the wulf. Open Source Electronic Music Series. Los Angeles.
MassArt Film Society. Rick Bahto & Friends. Boston.
Sweeney Art Gallery. Thesis Exhibition. Riverside.
Phyllis Gill Gallery. Seeking a Universal Language. Riverside.
Echo Park Film Center & Machine Project A Day in the Sun. Los Angeles.
FAR Bazaar. Cerritos College, Cerritos.
Phyllis Gill Gallery. Ahram & Dicky. Riverside.
356 Mission. Amplify Compassion. Benefit sale for the ACLU. Los Angeles.
Human Resources. performance with Corey Fogel & Tashi Wada. Los Angeles.
CAVE Festival (co-presented by Cellular Cinema & Walker Art Center). Minneapolis.


Light Field. San Francisco.
MSJC Gallery. San Jacinto. Inland Empire.
Visual Studies Workshop. Rochester, NY.
the wulf. Los Angeles. Last Chance to Dance: Bahto, Shahab, Wambsgans.
BLAM Projects. Los Angeles. Hot August Nights.
Current:LA / The HUB. Los Angeles. Films from EPFC.
Riverside Art Museum. Riverside. There was a pool here.
Echo Park Film Center. Los Angeles. New Works Salon XXXII.
Phyllis Gill Gallery. Riverside. Park Bahto.


REDCAT. Los Angeles. Small Gauge-L.A.: Films by Rick Bahto & Alee Peoples.
Echo Park Film Center. Los Angeles. New Works Salon XXIX.
Phyllis Gill Gallery. Riverside. Rick Bahto. Ahram Park.
Riverside Art Museum. Riverside. Cult of the Supreme Being, May 7, 1894.
The Huntington. Los Angeles. Rick Bahto, Charlotte Pryce, Steve Roden.
Tabakalera. Donostia-San Sebastián, Spain. Landscape Plus.


Ear Meal. Los Angeles / World Wide Web. Rick Bahto & Casey Anderson.
Hyperion Tavern. Los Angeles. Stupid Pills.
REDCAT. Los Angeles. Small New Films.
San Francisco Art Institute. San Francisco. Film Salon presents: work from Echo Park Film Center.
Artists’ Television Access. San Francisco. TRANSPARENT THINGS: music/film conversations between Rick Bahto & Paul Clipson.
Echo Park Film Center. Los Angeles. New Works Salon.
the wulf. Los Angeles. Bahto / Bellouin & Bracken.
Exploded View. Tucson. Los Angeles Underground, part one.
Videofag. Toronto. Rick Bahto: Sparse Gardens


Jancar Jones Gallery. Los Angeles. Rick Bahto.
Cinematheque 108 / USC. Los Angeles.
Et al. San Francisco. An exhibition which comes and goes as it pleases.
The Lab. San Francisco. Experiments in Levitation.
Echo Park Film Center. Los Angeles. New Works Salon.
Real Time and Space. Oakland. Accretions.
Los Angeles Filmforum at MOCA. Los Angeles. we’re (still) living.
Svensson Contemporary. New Haven. We Love Los Angeles.
Svensson Contemporary. New Haven. Accretions.


Motto / Or Gallery. Vancouver. Accretions.
the wulf. Los Angeles. Accretions.
Echo Park Film Center. Los Angeles. New Works Salon V.
Artists’ Television Access. San Francisco. Casual Encounters.
the wulf. Los Angeles. Bahto / Clipson / Elliott / Hell.
the wulf. Los Angeles. some music videos.
Inglewood Main Library. Inglewood, CA. Collage Ensemble Inc. / the wulf.
Atwater Crossing. Los Angeles. Bahto / Holter / So.
Echo Park Film Center. Los Angeles. LA AIR: Margie Schnibbe.
Echo Park Film Center. Los Angeles. New Works Salon.
Jancar Jones Gallery. Los Angeles. We’re Living: Bahto / Holter / So.
The 8 Fest.


Echo Park Film Center. Los Angeles. LA AIR: Rick Bahto.
Chicago 8 Festival.
Los Angeles / The World Wide Web. Between Here & There
the wulf. Los Angeles. still lifes, donuts, twice around, palms. (slides & sides).
Los Angeles Road Concerts: Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles. Monument Valley.
Jancar Jones Gallery. Los Angeles. Perform Chinatown.
San Francisco Cinematheque.
San Francisco. Rick Bahto / Robbie Land: Poetry of Place.
Dog Star Orchestra. Los Angeles. A Few Rooms Around Town.
Museum of Contemporary Art.
Los Angeles. the wulf. @ MOCA.
Artists’ Television Access.
San Francisco. Casey Anderson + Rick Bahto.
Cut and Run Tour 2011.
Screenings in Madrid, Berlin, Paris, London, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Valencia (Spain).
Crossroads Festival. San Francisco. Program 8: Playback.
Monday Evening Concerts. Los Angeles. Snow.
Goethe-Institut. Los Angeles. Monday Evening Concerts’ Sunday Morning Films / Lecture series.
Royal NoneSuch Gallery. Oakland, CA. 21 Projects (Sparse Gardens).
the wulf. Los Angeles. Bahto: Sparse Gardens / So: Girls on the Run.
The 8 Fest. Toronto.


Life Changing Ministry. Oakland, CA.
the wulf.
Los Angeles. More So / Bahto.
Millennium Film Workshop.
New York. Films by Rick Bahto.
Some American Landscapes.
San Francisco (Artists’ Television Access) & Los Angeles (Echo Park Film Center).
the wulf. Los Angeles, CA. New works by So and Bahto.
Artists’ Television Access. San Francisco, CA. De Luce.
Berkeley Arts Festival.
Berkeley, CA. Performance with Luciano Chessa.
Echo Park Film Center.
Los Angeles, CA. De Luce.
Cinefamily/Newtown/Los Angeles Filmforum. Los Angeles, CA. Blast Phemy! 3. Performance with Luciano Chessa.
Maison Du Peuple. Parvis de St-Gilles, Brussels, Belgium. Concert with pianists Stephane Ginsburgh and Jean-Luc Fafchamps, music of Morton Feldman.
The 8 Fest. Toronto, Canada.
No Festival Required / Deus Ex Machina. Phoenix, AZ. Luminous Triptych.


Echo Park Film Center. Los Angeles, CA. Luminous Triptych.
Artists’ Television Access. San Francisco, CA. Luminous Triptych.
Chicago Filmmakers. Chicago, IL. The Phenomenal Body.
Old First Concerts. San Francisco, CA. Chronicle Hotel. Performance with Luciano Chessa.
Wolfart Projectspace. Rotterdam, Netherlands. It Hits My Hair.
Directors Lounge.
Berlin, Germany. Urban Research.
Maria Pandora. Madrid, Spain.
Synthetic Zero. New York, NY.


University of Wisconsin. Milwaukee, WI.
Artists’ Television Access. San Francisco, CA. Death by Tealight III.
Edinburgh Castle. San Francisco, CA. Super 8 Film Night.


San Francisco Cinematheque. San Francisco, CA. Positively Ninth Street.
Artists’ Television Access.
San Francisco, CA. The Itinerant Cinemascape.
Echo Park Film Center. Los Angeles, CA. The Itinerant Cinemascape.
University of Arizona. Tucson, AZ. The Itinerant Cinemascape.
The Living Room. Bisbee, AZ. The Itinerant Cinemascape.
The Guild Theater. Albuquerque, NM. The Itinerant Cinemascape.
Chico State University. Chico, CA. The Itinerant Cinemascape.
Balazo Gallery. San Francisco, CA. Ciudad de los Niños.
San Francisco Art Institute. San Francisco, CA. San Francisco Video Artist Festival.


Stanford University. Palo Alto, CA. Strictly Ballroom.
Seoul Festival of Experimental Super 8 Film. Seoul, South Korea.
New Langton Arts. San Francisco, CA. The Summerline 2003.
Experimental Film Today Conference. University of Central Lancashire, Preston, UK.
303 Club. San Francisco, CA. New Experimental Films.


Artists’ Television Access. San Francisco, CA. Motion Graphics Galore.


Museum of Modern Art. New York, NY. Big As Life: An American History of 8mm Films.
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. San Francisco, CA. Small Windows Film Festival.


New Nothing Cinema. San Francisco, CA. A Good Show.
Modified. Phoenix, AZ.
Diesel Cathedral. San Francisco, CA. Peter & Progress.

awards / residencies / commissions

2019 bar-fund Artist Grant
2016 UCR MFA Fellowship
2016 Mike Kelley Foundation for the Arts-Artist Project Grant (with EPFC Co-op)
2015 Max H. Gluck Fellow of the Arts
2014-17 UCR Chancellor’s Distinguished Fellowship
2014 The Huntington new work commission
2011 LA AIR, Echo Park Film Center Residency
2010 Monday Evening Concerts new work commission
2004 James Broughton Film Award
2004 SFAI Spring Show Award


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