July 26, 2013. An exhibition which comes and goes as it pleases. San Francisco


An exhibition which comes and goes as it pleases
With work by Rick Bahto & Julia Holter, Claire Nereim, Laurie Reid, and Sean Talley.
at Et al. 620 Kearny St, San Francisco.

Beginning July 23, reception July 26 from 7-10pm.

THE EXHIBITION WHICH COMES AND GOES AS IT PLEASES drifts into view in the gaps between other programs and may hide, linger, and/or reemerge. It appears often only from a certain angle like a single frame in a lenticular or the screen of an a.t.m. It is lithe and unrooted.

Sometimes as objects, sometimes as motion briefly contorted into dance.

Sometimes almost mechanically, nearly in lock step with the operations of a calendar.

As a guest with the keys or who knows the door is unlocked, too familiar to turn away.

The way a painting can alternate between the tensions of counterpoint and harmonic dependence upon its wall.

Between object and event.

Between enunciation and mute refusal, between language, music and noise.

Before it is noticed; passing like the boat of a fellow smuggler at night, lights off, using only the current to pull it along.

Perhaps only when pushed out the door.

Behind documents as readable things or simply traces or stains.

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