March 22, 2012. New Works Salon.

Thursday, March 22
Echo Park Film Center, Los Angeles.
8 PM / $5

Several local artists will present new in-progress or recently completed works. Sean Batton and Kelsey Brain will present a 16mm film comprising footage of Occupy Los Angeles’s two-month encampment at City Hall. Marcy Saude presents her in-progress Alternative Strategies #1, in which Filmmaker Robert Nelson talks about the house he and William Wiley built by hand in rural Mendocino County. Mark Toscano will present two recent 16mm films, Process of Elimination (2012) and Demonstration (2012), as well as play a soundtrack for a film yet to be made. Rick Bahto will project his recently completed Super 8 film Casual Encounters, which shows him interacting with scores by the composer Mark So. Accompanying the projection will be a cassette tape by Casey Anderson, which incorporates performances of So’s scores ascending emptiness of the afternoon (You have built a mountain of something) (2010); (The fur of a cat in the sun) (Sticks, numbers, letters) [for Adam Overton] (2011); bored glances, boring questions (2009); INTERIOR, GARDEN (All it can hold.) [for Casey] (2011); a ride in common variety [For Manfred & Jürg & Istvàn & Douglas & Simone & Eileen] (2009); The year subsides into clouds (2009). Pablo Valencia will project a collection of recent Super 8 miniatures, and Hayley Elliott will present a developing cut of hand-processed Super 8 film.