April 3, 2011 – Royal NoneSuch Gallery, Oakland

April 3, 2011 8:30-9:30pm
Royal NoneSuch Gallery
4231 Telegraph Ave. Oakland, CA 94608

Sparse Gardens by Rick Bahto
Sparse Gardens consists of a set of field recordings on tape lasting approximately 57 minutes. During the hour 36 Kodachrome slides, made in the same locations as the field recordings, will be projected. Two types of gardened spaces common in Phoenix, Arizona will be visually and sonically compared: the fussily landscaped strips and islands of parking lots and driveways, as well as vacant lots, bulldozed clear of buildings or natural desert, that have been re-inhabited by weeds or rogue/remnant landscaping plants.

Presented as part of: 21 Projects x 21 days x 21 Hours, a community based social experiment. Drawing on the talents, interests, and knowledge of the community, 21 Projects was created with the intention of providing a platform for people to exchange resources, ideas, experiences, and fun in a dynamic, approachable gallery environment. All projects take place in the Royal NoneSuch Gallery, which will be empty for the duration of the series, with the exception of two chalkboard squares on the wall for participant use.