January 28–30, 2011. The 8 Fest, Toronto

THE 8 FEST 2011
Trash Palace. 89B Niagara St., Toronto.

Friday, January 28 2011 11pm
Bageroooo, fore! Part 1 recent small-gauge filmmaking!
sponsored by LIFT

The 8 fest received so many submissions this year that we decided to split our yearly Bageroo screening, devoted to this year’s highlights, into two! These films were selected from an international call for recent Super 8 and Regular 8 films. Tonight’s program features work from three continents, ranging from the performative to the lyrical, the single shot to the multiscreen! Films by Pixie Cram, Rick Bahto, Alexandre Larose, Pablo Marin, Tom Mitchell, Paul Julien Tanti, Takehiro Nakamura, Charlotte Wolf, Bill Baldewicz, Mie Kurihara, Karen Johannesen, Tara Nelson, Jason Halprin, and Lina Rodriguez.

They’ll be screening my work Performing marmarth.
The festival is three days of Super 8 and 8 mm film! Excited to see names of good friends / incredible artists Karen Johannesen, Janis Crystal Lipzin, Bill Baldewicz, and Paul Clipson. Visit the festival’s website to see the rest of the programming. the8fest.com