The Dog Star Orchestra (Volume 6) June 2-12, 2010

The Dog Star Orchestra (Volume 6), June 2 – 12, 2010, Los Angeles

All concerts are free. I’ll be performing with unknown others in Mark So’s marmarth and TWO DOTS on June 9th.
1: Wednesday, June 2, 2pm, The Wild Beast
Casey Thomas Anderson: processional/Danny Holt, piano/percussion
André Cormier: marabout de ficelle/Laura Cetilia, Jessica Catron, cellos
Joe Lake: This is one small stone in an entire city of monuments I am building for you/Katie Clark, piano
Jessica Catron, Michael Pisaro (improvisation)
Antoine Beuger: coelinblau/Michael Pisaro, guitar

Mari: Happy (Un)Birthday Party

2: Thursday, June 3, 8pm, The Wild Beast
Ronit Kirchman: Seven String Suites
Michael Pisaro: new tombstones/Voices: L. Tolentino, J. Holter, L. Steenberge, Ensemble: Pisaro, Esler, Lamb, Tavolacci, Eric KM Clark., K. Clark, Klopfleisch, So

Laura Steenberge: Lucifer in the Shadowland (a collection of 5 pieces performed by the orchestra)

3: Saturday, June 5, 8pm, the wulf.
Singing by Numbers Ensemble

Jessica Basta, Jessica Catron, Mari Garrett, Sascha Goldhor, Julia Holter, Emily Lacy, Catherine Lamb, Heather Lockie, Laura Steenberge, Cassia Streb, Christine Tavolacci, Adrian Tenney, Lisa Tremain

4: Sunday, June 6th, 3pm, The Compound
John Lely: Symphony in e
James Klopfleisch: Landscape #3
Samuel Vriezen: 10 readers
Adam Overton: general impression piece

evening finale: Wolfgang von Schweinitz: JUZ/Matt Barbier, trombone

5: Tuesday, June 8th, 8pm, The Wild Beast
Sam Sfirri: for Dan Flavin
Travis Just: Fabric for Jim
Jason Brogan: sheet music
Derek Bailey: Carpal Tunnel (after 12 weeks)/Eric Klerks, guitar
John P. Hastings: Vibrations

Carolyn Chen: Walk for 3n legs/Eric KM Clark, Christine Tavolacci

6: Wednesday, June 9th, 9am, Vasquez Rocks
Mark So’s Landscapes (a collection of 6 works performed by the ensemble)

Down among the plants and whatever insects; JASON GRIER; marmarth; only sometimes; TWO DOTS; What difference and Adam Overton’s instead piece.

7: Thursday, June 10th, 2pm, The Wild Beast
Morton Feldman: Palais de Mari/Katie Clark, piano
Manfred Werder: 2009(4)
Elisabeth McMullin: Polarity

Michael Pisaro: fields have ears (2) /Katie Clark, piano + Cazan, Anderson, McMullin and Hastings

8: Saturday, June 12th, 6pm, the wulf.
20 microscores/Jessica Catron, cello, Orin Hildestad, violin
Music by: Chiyoko Szlavnics, Greg Rosenthal, Kathy Pisaro, Andre Cormier, Pauline Oliveros, Zachary Watkins, Matt Davignon, Carol Sawyer, Johnny Chang, Leung Xiao-Lan, Jonathan Zorn, Kraig Grady,Phillip Brownlee, Eric KM Clark, Raven Chacon, Sean Clute, Matthew Lee Knowles, Michael Pisaro, Zachary Scott, Jennifer Butler
Jonathan Marmor: Dog Star Music/Clark, Klopfleisch, Tavolacci, So, Winter, Nilsson, Fraser

Mike Winter: approximating omega (performed by The Orchestra)

The Orchestra (2010): Adam Overton, April Guthrie, Beth McMullin, C.T. Anderson, Cassia Streb, Cat Lamb, Christine Tavolacci, Colin Wambsgans, Danny Holt, Dicky Bahto, Emma Nilsson, Eric KM Clark, Eric Klerks, James Klopfleisch, Jason Grier, Jessica Catron, John Hastings, Julia Holter, Katie Clark, Laura Cetilia, Laura Steenberge, Lisa Tolentino, Mari, Mark So, Matt Barbier, Michael Pisaro, Michael Winter, Nathan Brown, Ori Barel, Orin Hildestad, Paul Fraser, Paul West, Rob Esler, Ronit Kirchman, Scott Cazan, Sepand Shahab, Tashi Wada
The Wild Beast, CalArts
24700 McBean Parkway

Valencia, CA 91355

the wulf.
1026 South Santa Fe Avenue #203

Los Angeles, CA 90021

The Compound
33628 Lancaster Road – Hwy 138

Lancaster, CA 93536

Vasquez Rocks
10700 Escondido Canyon Road
Santa Clarita, CA 91390-4896