August 1st, 2009 at Chicago Filmmakers

THE PHENOMENAL BODY: new experimental works
8 PM
Chicago Filmmakers

Four acclaimed filmmakers from four different backgrounds come together to explore the body. Rick Bahto works from visual scores he creates, influenced by his studies of traditional and avant-garde classical music. Angelina Krahn incorporates direct filmmaking techniques – scratching, sewing, and chemical alteration, much like sculpture. Karen Johannsen’s intense patterns are informed by her training in painting and quantum mechanics. Stom Sogo uses found footage and documentary techniques as collage. Their films reflect their respective sensibilities, and the body as subject goes through many different forms. Hypnotic, ethereal, observational, ecstatic: their ideas clash and converge, and spin off into wild directions. Using silence, sound, color, super8, 16mm and video, the collection gains power from rhythmic variation, radiant textures and candid expression.


The Soft Things, Variations and The Bellouin Sequence by Rick Bahto
Stigmata Sampler and Pinata by Angelina Krahn
Light Quanta, Light Speed and Daylight and the Sun by Karen Johannesen
ttt, C for Cias, and Elements by Stom Sogo