(October 2020) Several performances with Lil’ Jürg Frey, plus I have a pair of short stories I wrote in the first issue of Presence, edited by Liz Harris, limited edition print run.

October 12, 2020. Axial Age Festival – the wulf. featuring: Cassie Sturm + Casey Anderson, Liam Mooney, Pauline Lay, and Lil’ Jürg Frey live!
Coaxial Arts Foundation presents AXIAL AGE FESTIVAL livestreamed and co-presented with curators the wulf., Island of Misfit Toys, nettnett /+/ OTONO, Queerspace, Raah Lein, and the Coaxial board. Our new Axial Age is a contemporary liminal period, when old certainties had lost their validity and new ones are still not ready. The festival runs from Monday 10/12 through Saturday 10/17. The original Axial Age is the period when, roughly at the same time around most of the Eurasian societies in 8th to the 3rd century BCE, the great intellectual, philosophical, and religious systems that came to shape subsequent human society and culture emerged: Chinese philosophy of Confucius and Lao-Tse, Buddha and Upanishad in India, Zarathustra in Persia, Elijah and Isaiah in Palestine, Homer and Plato in Greece. The Axial Age was a shift—or a turn, as if on an axis—away from more predominantly localized concerns and toward transcendence.

September 26, 2020 at 6pm PST the wulf. presents Lil’ Jürg Frey streaming performance, live from Katoosh contemporary. Also includes a performance by Liam Mooney from within Super Mario Maker, and a performance by Isaac Schankler. Lil’ Jürg Frey’s performance will be broadcast from Katoosh contemporary, located on the island of Katoosh in ACNH, amidst the exhibition Kul Qatoo: artwork featuring cats by artists including Dicky Bahto, Sarah Davachi, Youssef Gharbi, Arshia Haq, Patrick Londen, Pablo Picasso, Chloe Reyes, Paul Sepuya, and more tba.

September 18, 2020 at 11pm GMT Lil’ Jürg Frey live performance excerpt presented on Late Junction produced by Katie Callin on BBC Radio 3. More info / listen here.

May 13, 2020. Lil’ Jürg Frey performance. Hosted by Experimental Sound Studio in Chicago as part of their The Quarantine Concerts series, in an event curated by Lumpen Radio. This performances takes place in the galleries of Katoosh: contemporary on the island of Katoosh, and is taking place during the exhibition of watercolors, paintings, and ink drawings by Ashouraita Khoshaba, Rami Kingsley, and Linda Scobie. Watch the video here.

May 2, 2020. Lil’ Jürg Frey performance. Hosted by Lumpen Radio as the official afterparty of Common Field Convening. Lil’ Jürg Frey is Dicky Bahto, Erika Bell, Morgan Gerstmar, and Stephanie Cheng Smith. Our band exists exclusively within the world of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This performance takes place in the galleries of Katoosh: contemporary art on the island of Katoosh, and is taking place during the exhibit imma go imma: drawings by Esther Elia. Watch the video here.


Lil’ Jürg Frey
Katoosh Island, 2020

Requiem sp

TBA Festival, 2019

Portrait of Enanna=

Sketches for a portrait of Enanna
Human Resources, 2019


Come Back Tomorrow
Et al., 2017


Human Resources, 2017


Thesis Exhibition
Sweeney Art Gallery, 2017


Seeking a Universal Language
Phyllis Gill Gallery, 2017


Ahram & Dicky
Phyllis Gill Gallery, 2017


Bahto / Fogel / Wada
Human Resources, 2017


there was a pool here
Riverside Art Museum, 2016


Park Bahto
Phyllis Gill Gallery, 2016


Rick Bahto / Ahram Park
Phyllis Gill Gallery, 2015


Twelve Bagatelles
The Huntington, 2015


Rick Bahto
Jancar Jones Gallery, 2013


we’re (still) living
MOCA LA, 2013


solo performances


Bahto Holter So
Atwater Crossing


we’re living
Jancar Jones Gallery

IMG_2113 copy

sides & slides
the wulf.


the wulf. @ MOCA
Museum of Contemporary Art


It Hits My Hair